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I compose experimental electronic music under the name, Cruel Diagonals. I do live performance, music production, and film scoring projects under this moniker. I’m a classically- and jazz-trained vocalist with 15+ years of experience. I’ve been known to spin my records out as DJ Degenerate, though my primary focus is now making music. I’m a co-curator of the multimedia night, Estranged Sensation, that occasionally rears its head in Seattle, WA, and I curate other one-off shows and workshops on music production and sonic exploration. In the summer of 2016, I organized a Deep Listening workshop with Pauline Oliveros and Ione as part of TUFFest in Seattle. I’m a hobbyist field recordist and use recordings from my excursions in music production. I’m the personal audio archivist for music producer, Randall Dunn. I’ll be receiving my master’s in library and information sciences in June of 2017, where I plan to continue working on projects in media archiving, and am looking to relocate to Los Angeles, CA. Please reach out to me if you’d be interested in collaborating on multimedia archiving or digital preservation projects.

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Greetings, MMW community!

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