Pauline Oliveros has passed away

News from her partner, Carole Ione, was posted today on her personal feed that Pauline passed away in her sleep last night. I am so deeply saddened, but so honored to have met and hosted her, along with Ione, this past summer, for a Deep Listening workshop in Seattle. She is truly one of the main forces behind the existence of this index as a major influence on women in experimental music around the world, including myself. I hope we can all continue to honor Pauline and her work, constantly striving to teach us to listen to ourselves and to honor our place within the world at large. 13613262_10207969384767111_4680020578091634313_o


  1. How, very, very sad. Pauline was a giant in her field, a true pioneer with a love of all things sonic that took her in so many important directions and influenced so many of us. May perpetual light shine upon you Pauline. Susan Frykberg

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